1. How do I schedule a session? Please send me an email at wiji.lacsamana[at]gmail for your inquiry. You may also drop me a line on Facebook. In your email, please include:
    • your tattoo design--a good description of what you want or please show me images of what you like so we can calibrate what you have in mind
    • placement or where you want your tattoo to be placed
    • size, in inches--very important for me to know in inches. For example, a "medium-sized" tattoo may look different for me, a very small person, and for a 6 footer and so on and so forth. Please measure the area you will be tattooed on.
    • date and time of appointment -- I only tattoo either 10 am or 1 pm. Best to plan a schedule a month in advance.
  2. How much will the tattoo cost? It depends on your tattoo design, size (in inches) and placement. It is very important that you include those three things in your initial email to me.
  3. Can I bring friends/family during the session? I recommend bringing only one person to the session, if you must.  The studio is a home studio.  So for comfort and security purposes, and also because I want to focus on just tattooing you, the client and not other guests, please limit your entourage to 1 person.
  4.  Can I bring my kid/nephew/niece/baby cousin/basically anyone below 12 years of age with me? I'd rather you didn't--children get bored during the session and will, of course, want to play, and tattoo studios are not the best places for children. I work with needles, and so this isn't the safest of places for children.
  5. Can you make a custom design for me? Yes I would love to! Please let me know the specifics, or at least a rather clear idea of what you have in mind: imagery, color scheme, size, placement. Please keep in mind though that I specialize in watercolor tattoos. :)
  6. Can I get the same tattoo you did on a client before? No, sorry. I try to respect all my clients' designs (and I also usually customize designs for clients), and that would really suck if somebody else just copied those on their bodies. As a client, you can expect the same kind of love and respect from me, too!  If the design you want is an artwork by another visual artist (i.e, James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki, Salvador Dali, etc) though, we can most probably do that! Even more awesome if you can ask permission from the original artist! I'm sure they would be very flattered.
  7. I just came back from the beach/ I am going to the beach soon, can I get tattooed? Best to tattoo your skin in its normal state, not post-beach (i.e., you are sunburnt or much more tan than you normally are). Also, you can't go to the beach or swim in chlorinated water 2-3 weeks after a tattoo.
  8. I just gave birth/currently breastfeeding, can I get tattooed? I suggest that you wait a year after you have given birth before getting tattooed. Give your body a chance to fully recuperate.
  9. Will it hurt? Yes, but the level of pain is really dependent on your personal pain threshold and placement. But I'll be gentle! :)
  10. What should I do the day before and the day of the session? Best if you get a good night's rest and eat a good meal before our tattoo session. You have to be in good condition. It would also be great if you send me a message, re-confirming that you'll be showing up for the set schedule. During the day of the schedule, please please please be on time! I only give a 15 minute allowance, and after that we will have to reschedule.