Exactly one month ago I gave birth to the most wonderful boy, Rocco Alfonso Lacsamana Alviar. My husband took these photos of the whole experience--from his wait to get inside the operating room, to the delivery, to the aftermath.

I remembered how everything slowed down when I heard him cry. There was a little curtain blocking my view of the lower half of my body and I couldn't see nor feel what was going on. I kept asking, "is that him? Is that him?"

It was him. He arrived.

It's been a highly emotional (at least for me, most especially the week after delivery), tiring first month filled with so much love (which goes back to why I've been so emotional).  Can you believe I've been crying over Modern Family episodes like they were Grey's Anatomy episodes?

I can't believe my baby is now a month old! I'm looking forward to so many new adventures with our new family. I'm sending out positive energies to you, you, you!