Currently: the blah in my head.

I have so much more things I should be blogging about--like upcoming shows and events or process posts--but I feel like writing/reacting to this post by Garance Dore, which I enjoyed a lot.

“Sometimes we have ideas about ourselves that turn out to be completely false.”
— Garance Dore

I guess I always thought I was an outgoing person because after grade school, I sort of shed off the shyness I once had. And I enjoy talking to people a lot, and I don't have a hard time making conversation with new people. But I was thinking about it and I realized I'm happiest when I'm in my little studio alone, drawing or reading or writing or doing whatever it is I feel like doing that day.  Having said that, entertaining people also sort of stresses me out.  I watch HGTV a lot and all of the people looking for houses always seem to look for places that are conducive for 'entertaining people' and in my head I always think, "really? I just want to rest and have a quiet little space for work." That doesn't mean I dislike it when friends visit me--ever since I moved here to the 'suburbs', I've missed them so.  Having said all that, sometimes it seems that I may not be as outgoing as I thought I was.

I also thought I was spontaneous--but I realize I may be this way in limited facets. Is 'conditional spontaneity' a thing? Or maybe this is just me aging...or maybe this is my way of dealing with a new baby. Will I go back to my younger ways?

Lately though I've been so proud of myself: I've been super productive. I've never been this productive before. I thought having a baby and being married and living in a relaaaaxed suburban area would dampen my already relaxed work ethics. Turns out I do more things, and more efficiently now! My mother would be proud. I wake up in the morning (at different times, depending on what time the baby wakes me), have my coffee, and work on my list of things to do. And I get most of them accomplished while breastfeeding and playing with Rocco in between breaks. I love it. 

I'm been super inspired lately, too, which I'm scared to jinx by posting this to the world, but I am! I wake up with all these ideas I want to do and I get hyper about it until I finally do it. But until then it can be exhausting. In a good way, though.

Anyway, I just wanted to get all these thoughts out of my head and into the interwebs and to say hello as well! I haven't in here in a while.