Medieval: an easygoing red

My first Lipstick Queen purchase is, well, not really a lipstick. It's more of a tinted balm.

Lipstick Queen's Medieval, Php1,100 from Stuff In Style.

During medieval times, when lipstick was considered a sin, women used the natural acidity of lemons to bring forth a natural blood-red stain on their lips. This flattering look has been recreated by Poppy in this best-selling tint. Medieval is purely Vitamin E and pigment, making it silky to wear and divinely transparent. And best of all it makes your skin look flawless.

I've always been into that look women in medieval shows have, they always had natural-looking red lips and just some hint of color on their lids and cheeks.

Packaging is on point, at least, according to my aesthetics.  I love the feel of the tube, sleek with good weight on it.

From the bullet it looks pretty intense, but here it is swatched below:

One swipe.  This stuff is buildable though, so continuous swiping gives off a bit more intensity.

The reason I got this, instead of the numerous (and stunning) colors available from Lipstick Queen, is because I needed a simple, fuss-free "mom" lip product. I needed something that wouldn't necessarily stain my baby's face (because to be honest, I can't resist not kissing him all the time hehe) but something that has an appropriate amount of tint, something that wears out evenly, and something moisturizing. I JUST WANTED AND NEEDED SOMETHING EASY.  This doesn't last on your lips a great deal, as with most sheer lip balms and lip butters, but the beauty in this is in the ease of reapplication--that is, there isn't much need for a mirror to do so. (Note to self: I could've gotten one of those Fresh lip balms, too. But Lipstick Queen presented itself unto me.)

Despite Poppy King's declaration that this is a "red anyone can wear", I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to everyone. I would, however, recommend this to anyone who is looking for something easy to wear, or those not quite ready for vivid reds on their lips just yet.  This is an easygoing red; one that you don't need to worry about. 

My fuss-free "mom" look--all it takes is 5 minutes or less.