Currently: Watching

There are so many things I'd like to begin/continue/finish before I get back to tattooing, like, say, finishing x number of illustrations or that embroidery piece I've been working on forever. But there's only so much these short limbs of mine can do while breastfeeding. In the meantime I've been watching. Watching a lot of things on the internet and on tv.

  • What has been making me GENUINELY LAUGH OUT LOUD (GLOL, as opposed to just LOL, wherein people aren't really laughing out loud, are they?) are those Kris Aquino Dubsmash clips! I am obsessed with them! This guy and this girl in particular! GLOLing again now! Now I need to watch more!
  • Huhu I've been watching so many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  • The new season of Game of Thrones, yay! But since I watch it on TV, I'm pretty sure they've cut up so many scenes.
  • Finally got around to watching We are The Millers, hilarious!
  • Also been binge-watching a lot of home renovation shows on HGTV. Kinda missing the good old Tokwart days.
  • Also, a lot of Channel V! Attempting to know what music kids are up to these days.
  • I might be the only person who didn't quite like Gone Girl.
  • I've watched way too much episodes of Modern Family.
  • My friend Dy told me about this series called You're The Worst and the trailer has drawn me in. But I've been too distracted for streaming. Will attempt to stream this next week, though!

What have you been watching?