In Beauty: Just a couple of swatches

A couple of weeks ago, my husband had a business trip in China/Hong Kong and was kind enough to bring home some makeup bits for me. I originally just asked for baby things, but when he messaged me that he was in front of a 3CE and Mac store, I just had to quickly think of stuff that I thought he could easily pick up for me.

At 3CE, as I was unprepared, the first thing that I thought I needed was an "eyebrow thing", leaving my poor man to guess and ask around what the SA's recommendation was.  He came home with this:

The 3CE Eyebrow Kit is a handy little, um, kit. It comes with a baby spoolie, an equally tiny blunted edged brush and with two powder shades, both rather subtle--perfect for everyday use.

At the airport, when he was at the Mac boutique, I asked for the Patisserie lipstick--a shade I always thought of getting but never did--but they didn't have that on stock. (By the way, the only Mac lipstick I owned ever, at least before these, is Lady Danger.) So I quickly had to come up with something, anything. And for some reason I asked him for either Twig or Hug Me, both of which I wasn't really planning to acquire in my collection, but I did.

In swatches I've seen online, Twig seemed to lean more on the brown side--a mauvey brown of sorts. On me it looks like a berry shade.

Between the two, though, I've come to love Hug Me more.  It's a shade not too dissimilar to Patisserie.  Hug Me seems to be a subtle nude mauve, I'd say, although I think Patisserie has more pink in it, and this one has more brown. This comes in a Lustre finish, which I surprisingly seem to like a lot. I've been wearing this one, along with just Mac Groundwork Paint pot and some eyeliner on my eyes on most days.

What have you been loving lately?