Branding Project: SEA Camp

Earlier this year I swore off accepting projects from rude corporations and/or private business people who show no interest in how they might have social and environmental impacts--much less any real interest in people they work with.  Experience has shown me that a huge chunk of those types I've worked with (not all) tend to be ungrateful, cheap (despite the money they seem to earn as manifested by their designer bags and drivers lugging said bags to even more expensive cars), and too demanding (intense workload expectations and schedules despite late payments). 

I then told the universe I'd only accept projects from people whose passions I believed in, in passions I respected and truly admired.  This is a daunting declaration to the universe, I know, given our financial necessities, more so with a child on its way out. 

I cannot exaggerate how grateful I am to the universe and to all the energies out there for listening to me because weeks after that declaration, I was contacted by SPS' chief mermaid Anna Oposa about whether or not I'd be interested in doing branding design for a project called Sea and Earth Advocates or SEA Camp.  I might've replied too eagerly to her email, but I was eager and couldn't hide it, and I agreed to the project.

I wanted to create a project identity that was first of all, youthful, but clean and direct to the point. The group wanted something that was understandable at first glance, attractive enough to gain volunteers as soon as possible. We then selected color palettes, icons and patterns we thought were bold enough from the two studies I presented, mashed them together, and came up with this:

The SEA Camp aims to gather 30 participants for each regional camp located in:

Now, friends, I'm really sorry for posting this only now, because deadline for applications was last December 23. But if you're still curious about the project, please check out the Sea Camp site, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Here's to Save Philippine Seas, and here's to brave declarations to the universe! :)