The Necessary Objects.

I moved to (Metro) Manila from La Union for college fifteen years ago. Oh my god. I have since moved from my grandma's place to different apartments and condos eight times, if I'm not mistaken.  Eight times! Thankfully, we have finally moved here in our Team Alviar!* house, my last move. This gives me so much satisfaction due to a plethora of reasons, but I'd like to highlight this one in particular: packing, repacking and unpacking are bitches I don't want to deal with.

I started ukay shopping (thrift shopping) since I was about 6 years old--there were a lot of ukay/wagwagan places in La Union, where I grew up, and my mom always brought me there.  This exposure to such rare and cheap finds obviously led to an accumulation of too many clothes, regardless of size or it is was weather-appropriate, a lot mostly bought just because they were too cheap not to buy. 

So anyway, the point is, you can imagine how much of a hassle it was dragging all these from one apartment to another. Let's not even get started with books, cameras, and toys I used to collect. Somewhere along the way I just gave up trying to drag everything and let go of a lot of stuff that didn't fit into my life anymore. (A metaphor for deeper things, too, I assume?)

While I have more necessary objects as opposed to 'trinkets' now, I've come to realize the need for further purging. Thanks to all this moving, I've extracted quite a few things I can't live without from those I can do without. I still need more help though. It's nice how to the universe works; as I was thinking this, I stumbled onto this blog called Into Mind, which I think you should check out if you think you're trudging the same path as I am.  It's a minimalist blog, this one, not my style necessarily, but it does have  a couple of posts that are very very helpful.

A couple of days later, I also stumbled onto Bea's blog, who pondered about this, but perhaps more cerebral than what I'm doing now.

edit. Also noteworthy, The Tomboy Style's Grid.

Upon checking my closet, I saw a pattern. Here are a couple things I seem to have multiples of:

  • Denim/chambray button down shirts and shirt dresses.
  • Cardigans (my favorite: a slouchy grey one)
  • Loose, comfortable pants, harem-ish pants or little boy trousers (I am very, very short)
  • Denim skirts
  • Slouchy grey shirts
  • striped sleeveless tops
  • AC/DC shirts (lost my most favorite one in the laundry though)
  • Long flowy skirts
  • Denim jackets
  • little dresses, mostly in blue, that are easy to wear, especially in summer
  • camo or olive green hooded jackets
  • denim shorts
  • peasant tops
  • my daily tortoiseshell glasses (one for normal days, another for tattooing)

The footwear that are on rotation:

  • white chucks
  • black flip flops (forever!)
  • black ballet flats
  • nude/blush sandals
  • black Nikes
  • New Balance 574s
  • simple strappy black heels from Zara

What I want to add:

  • more well-fitting fitted pants (because I think I will need bigger sizes now because of the pregnancy huhu)
  • a nice hat (it's been ages since i fell in love with a hat)
  • a big nice bag (to hopefully fit in motherly essentials--i heard moms carry more stuff than the usual haha)
  • more black dresses

The others in closet, mostly stuff I bought because it was right there in front of me and it was cute, or stuff I wore 'that one time'. I didn't know I had the necessary objects in my closet until I really took a closer look.

I don't really know what the point of this post is, and I'm sorry I brought it up only now, just wanted to share stuff I've been thinking about--other than, oh you know, the usual, fears of childbirth pain and deadlines and stuff.  But please wish me luck, regarding this sifting of stuff!

*My husband (omigod I just used the H-word!) and I cannot resist the tendency to shout "Team Alviar!" whenever the following points are mentioned: (a) that we have been wed the 'civil way', (b) that we are currently planning a wedding the 'church way', (c) that we now officially have a house together, and/or (d) that we are expecting a baby very soon.