A new home, a baby on the way, a new fiance, a new studio: all these deserve a brand new blog, I think. For years I have tried to compartmentalize my life. Online, that is. I tried to separate my tattoos and illustration from other interests, thinking that they probably didn't belong in one virtual home. I also probably thought that I'd cope with the constant logging in and logging out of different blogs, thinking of posts specific to the worlds I thought those separate blogs belonged to, when I am in fact a lazy blogger. So let's just put everything here, shall we?

For starters, we moved to a new home. It feels beautiful to have a home to call my own, despite the initial moving-in chaos. Exhibit A:

I'm happy to report that things aren't that chaotic anymore, though, and I am waiting for a good day to photograph the house, heehee.

In other news, 9 days til Christmas! And I haven't gotten anything for anyone. Have you?