Some nights, when I should be sleeping already, I think of all these different projects I want to do. And then I wake up so hyper, making rough sketches, sorting the details of the project.  I get these bursts of energy every now and then.  I wish it happened more often than it does, but I'm happy to announce that one of these little projects is, like, 97% done. Sometimes I get started on these projects right away, some of them take me awhile to just get started with. Something I've been conceptualizing for a couple of years now (huhu yes I know, I am too slow) are these oil perfumes I put under the Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest label.

I've always been into scents--at least, when I had the extra dough to spend on perfumes--but I realize I haven't found "signature" scents for me after college.  In the earlier parts of high school, I was always wearing Davidoff Cool Water for Women (haha), which was given by a boyfriend. I wore it profusely, I'd say, because I later on found out that people knew I was about to pass by our high school corridors.  During the later bits, I remember stealing and loving my mom's perfume oils by The Body Shop (the ones which I don't think they sell anymore, they were in little amber bottles). I wore the Vanilla one a lot til college.   I then used the Patchouli one more often after my first year, I think. I really, really love the patchouli one. So anyway, like I said, after college I never really did stick to one scent for a long time. I really liked Bulgari Petits et Mamans--I could've stuck to this for a long time, except that for some reason (maybe the way my skin reacts to its chemicals?), the scent didn't last long on me. I also use a couple of fragrances from fresh -- Brown Sugar and Sugar Lychee if you really want to know. These are stellar fragrances I must say, but I don't know, I only wore them for certain 'functions', as if I had so many 'functions' to attend. But anyway, the point is, I haven't been the most loyal fragrance wearer after college.

I don't know if this directly affects my wanting to create scents, really. But I just wanted to create scents that had a story behind them, or something to call my own.  So I rounded up a couple of my favorite memories, real or imagined, and tried to recreate the scents that lingered from those.

I loved the whole process, because it entailed mostly imagination (daydreams and memories, I seem to have good stock of these). I loved blending and measuring and packaging each and every little bottle.  I know that most artisanal brands say these, but in all honesty, these are all made with so much love! I really, really, really loved coming up with these scents in my head, to recreating the scents in real life. I know this is a repetitive paragraph, but it should be testament to how I love this project.

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Imogen, Promise Ring, The Woods, Moonbathing and Dayfeels. I'd write about each one of them, but that would defeat the purpose of this blog.  Writing more about them there soon!